Samsung Q900 Series TV Review

The Samsung Q900 (Q900R) series is one of the first mass distributed 8K TV we’ve seen hit the consumer market. Instead of Samsung improving upon a previous Samsung 4K TV, Samsung doubled it and went to 8K – truly a TV made for the future. Unfortunately, the future is where a lot of the 8K content is. The Samsung Q900 series was originally released on January 2019. Sizes are available in 55, 65, 75, 82, 85, 98 inches from $2,499- 14,999.99 (59,999.99 for the 98 in).

Device Specifications


  • Top Resolution: 4K
  • HDR Technology: Quantum HDR 24x

  • TV Tuner: 1x analog, 1x digital

  • Modes: Game mode, Auto Game Mode, Ambient Mode, Game Motion Plus

  • Picture Enhancements: Digital Clean View, Quantum Dot Color, Q Contrast EliteMax, 100% Color Volume

  • Motion Rate: 240 Hz

  • LCD Backlight Technology: LED backlight – Quantum Dot technology, Ultimate 8K Dimming, Direct Full Array 16x

Compare Current Pricing


  • Top tier smart features
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Amazing HDR images
  • Reasonable prices among competitors


  • No 8K content
  • Some rendering issues with 4K UHD content
  • Expensive for average consumer



The Samsung Q900 series TV is Samsung at its best when making a TV. When you’re viewing the screen in a darkened room, the picture is still impressive even if you’re viewing from the sides. The 8K resolution can assure you made the right decision after purchase because the resolution alone makes the Q900 future-proof. The Q900 is a screen you want to watch blockbuster films. This is an excellent series of TVs. We’d recommend the Samsung Q900 series in a heartbeat.

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