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If you’ve ever seen a camera attached to a bike or helmet, do you immediately think it’s a GoPro? Chances are that it is. When the GoPro Hero came out in 2004, it changed the way we think of the mobile action camera because expensive rigs used for filming POV video could now be done with a small camera the size of a computer mouse at a fraction of the cost. The GoPro Max is a 360-degree camera that intends to improve upon the mistakes made with the GoPro Fusion. The latest model of GoPro Max was released on October 24, 2019 for an initial price of $499.

Device Specifications


  • Photo: 360:16.6MP or HERO:5.5MP
  • Video: 5.6K30 or 1440p60/1080p60
  • Video Stabilization: Max HyperSmooth
  • TimeWarp Video: Max TimeWarp
  • Digital Lens/FOV
  • PowerPano
  • StudioAudio
  • 360 Audio


Compare Current Pricing


  • Solid
  • Durable GoPro hardware
  • Great touchscreen
  • Great audio
  • 360 video reframing
  • Fits on existing mounts
  • In-camera stitching
  • Max Hypersmooth
  • Waterproof


  • Shaky stabilization and worse at night
  • Limited shooting modes
  • No 360 slo-mo
  • Poor in low light condition
  • Lacks 4K
  • Imperfect stitching



The GoPro Max is GoPro’s second attempt at a 360-degree camera after the GoPro Fusion. The Fusion version was bigger, needed two microSD cards, and it took forever to stitch together everything on a separate app. The GoPro Max is a 360-degree camera that intends to improve upon the mistakes made with the GoPro Fusion – smaller and lighter, in-camera stitching, rugged, has an improved mobile app, and a longer lasting battery.

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