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Samsung Note 9 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been Samsung’s top tier phone and the biggest competitor to Apple’s iPhone plus series. Their Galaxy Note has always been an expensive phone, but not as expensive as the highest-end iPhone this time around.  The Note series was the first...

iPhone XR Review

The iPhone XR is the 3rd best iPhone you can buy right now. It adds a creative touch to the better, more powerful XS line and will save you some money if you can live with not having the absolute best.  It’s a lovely phone with a beautiful display, excellent cameras...

iPhone XS & XS Max Review

Remember the early iPhones and how small they were? If there is one thing Steve Jobs got wrong, it was thinking that no one was going to buy big phones.  He once said that people would only buy a smartphone that they could get their hands around, which is why he...

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